You have 30 days from the receipt of your order to bring up any re-printing issues. We dispose of files 60 days after final sale.







All sales are final. 


Regarding all Janie and Jack shoots:



To receive complimentary photo, viewing session must be attended in shop. Failure

to attend in-store viewing will void free 8”x10” offer.


No online viewings are available.


Viewing will occur on a scheduled date after photo session.


Receive one free 8”x10” photograph

per household, per person, per promotion.


Web purchases do not apply.


Printed photographs will

be mailed at a later date after viewing session.


Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or

promotions and is not transferrable.


No rain checks.


Limited appointments available.



purchase does not guarantee a sitting appointment or free 8”x10” print.


If item(s) purchased for

eligibility are returned and the local pre tax amount is less than $75, the eligibility for the promotion

is null and void.


Photographs must be taken in the scheduled shop on the listed date and time noted

on customer appointment card.


Not valid at Janie and Jack Outlet.


All orders are $10 to ship.


Any online sales of promotional photographs are subject to a price change. Promotional prices apply only at in-store viewing.


All sales are final. 


 We Keep all files for 60 days after final sales in order to process order. After this point, we no longer have access to any photo file taken.